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COSMOS-SAT LTD is a private limited company registered in England.

It was established under the supervision of Dr. Christakis Fellas (Spacecraft Engineering Consultant) for the purpose of commencing a satellite operations business, offering all types of satellite communications services

Dr. Christakis Fellas and his team of spacecraft engineers has numerous successful projects up to date including the implementation (design, manufacture and launch) of 23 geostationary satellite systems;

Satellite Design for MARECS, ECS and LSAT
Satellite Procurement for UNISAT, INMARSAT 2, INMARSAT 3 and HELLAS SAT
Monitoring - Assembly Integration - Test - Launch
- INTELSAT 6 (5 Satellites)
- INTELSAT 7 (5 Satellites)
- INTELSAT 7A (4 Satellites)
- NILESAT (2 Satellites)
- ST1            (1 Satellite)
- HELLAS SAT (1 Satellite)
- HYLAS (1 Satellite)
- ARABSAT 5 (3 Satellites)
- MEASAT (1 Satellite)


COSCMOS Principal Activities: Satellite Operator & Internet Provider
COSCMOS Mission: Manufacture and Launch

COSCMOS Operations   Significant Assets
                 License of Satellite Operator
                 Priority of Required Orbital Locations / ITU
                 Significant Know-How of Satellite Industry
                 Connections with Satellite manufacturers
                 Connections with Launch Agencies
                 Connections with Operators
                 Connections with Frequency
                 Coordination Consultants
Internet Anywhere - Any Time - Any Device