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COSMOS-Sat team


Design, Manufacture, Test, Launch, Operation

Dr Christakis Fellas, Project leader

Dr Roger Taur, Design and Monitoring of Satellite Manufacture

Philippe Le Bouar – Satellite Platform Integration and Test

Dr Dawn Xiaoguang Jia – Satellite Payload manufacture Integration and Test

Epaminondas Stasinopoulos – Satellite Space Environment Protection

….Others as required

Radio Regulation and Spectrum Management

Mark Posen and colleagues
RPC Telecommunications Ltd.

Orbit/Spectrum Acquisition:
Ofcom satellite filing procedures
ITU satellite filings
ITU frequency coordination
ITU filing protection
International landing rights

Legal Framework

To be appointed

Contracts / Licenses

International landing rights
Satellite Manufacturer(s)
Launch Agency and LEOP operations
Satellite Launch Insurance
TT&C Stations (Prime and Back-up)
Gateway Manufacturer
Fixed and Mobile User Terminals
SCC Ground Network

Marketing and Sales Team

Paraskevi Zafeiraki (HR Director)

Dimitris Chalampalis (Communications Director)

Vasilis Fotias (Satellite Services Marketing)

Rajesh Patel (Global Sales & Marketing)

Marketing via existing IP Providers – Land
Marketing via Ship Owners – Maritime
Marketing via Airlines- Aeronautical

Financial Team

….Financial Consultants To be appointed